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our mission is to inspire and create change towards a sustainable future through design.

who or what is Geographik?

We are a small, boutique-sized graphic design studio based in Fremantle, with clients throughout Perth, regional Western Australia, across Australia with even some International clients as well.

Geographik originally started in the US in Colorado in 2001 as Rogue Designs, providing high quality graphic design services to non-profits, NGOs and businesses, small and large. 

We are a digital creative agency creating and enhancing brands all over the world. Curating design solutions for a variety of organisations such as Publik, IMG Global, PGA Australia, Factor 30 Films, Seven Media, Ecoscape and the X Games.

Our primary focus is on creating “great design” driven by the inspiration of sustainability and longevity. We believe design doesn’t have to be compromised in the quest for a sustainable approach and take this mindset into everything we do. We believe that this approach actually enhances and improves design outcomes, as well as promoting and improving your brand image in the process.

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how do we do it?

We start with simple solutions to make small differences in the way a company promotes and portays itself. Whether it’s through sustainable paper use and vegetable based inks in it’s stationery, brochures, annual reports and self-promotional materials, or by devising environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we construct clever ways to be more ‘green’. We promote the use of web based media, as this can reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and promote the use of ‘eco’ servers for all your digital media needs. We are continually exploring creative new ways to be more sustainable through graphic design.

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a sustainable ‘green’ graphic design company based in Perth, Western Australia.

yeah, but who the hell are ya?

Jeremy Sweeting

Designer / Roller Hockey Enthusiast / Random Collector of Discarded Objects / Lover of Pies

As owner and director of Geographik, I am also a man of many hats,. I am the driving force and creator behind Geographik, one of Perth’s only sustainable, environmentally oriented graphic design firms. My passion is to create stunning visual graphics whilst also being environmentally responsible. I believe companies can improve their brand by following some simple guidelines to ensure the design portion of their business is ecologically sustainable.

I work with other designers, independent creatives, developers, illustrators, copy-writers and all round gurus of their respective fields to form small nimble teams that keep your costs down while maximising your design budget to create high end design solutions.

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don’t take my word for it.

Geographik Perth Graphic Design Studio Reviews Testimonials

I can’t express how grateful we are once again for your incredible design skills and support for this exciting project. You have made an indelible impact on our vision and lifted us to an extremely high standard of public reach, thank you!


Fair Space
Geographik Perth Graphic Design Studio Reviews Testimonials

Jeremy’s work is amazing! He is very careful to understand his client prior to engaging in designing and building a brand. After several iterations, we chose a brand design we couldn’t be happier with. We also hired Jeremy to develop our website which we consistently receive compliments from client companies and prospective clients. We could not be happier with the great work Jeremy has done for us and will continue to highly recommend his exceptional services!


E3 Recruiting
Geographik Perth Graphic Design Studio Reviews Testimonials

Thank you so much for your incredible help and design on the World Cup of Golf. We are extremely grateful for your endless help and patience with all the back and forth…everything looks fantastic and everyone was happy with it. Looking forward to the next event and thanks again for all your help and guidance…quick turnarounds! Very much appreciated!

Arabella, Simon & The Team

IMG Global
Geographik Perth Graphic Design Studio Reviews Testimonials

Geographik is, hands down, the best graphic design studio our company has ever worked with. They are the rare case of a genuinely talented designers who also understand business development, branding, web design and big-picture marketing strategy. They nailed the look-and-feel of our logo, web site, brochures and other marketing collateral and our company has, in large part due their talent, thrived ever since.


World Leadership School

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