Fairly Fashionable?


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Fairly Fashionable Main logo design
Fairly Fashionable mobile friendly responsive website design Fremantle, Perth
Fairly Fashionable mobile friendly responsive website design
Fairly Fashionable Print materials and branding design

Project Summary

Fairly Fashionable is an ethical fashion competition started by the Fair Trade Freo group of which Geographik is a member. We are proud to be a part of this very successful event that attracts designers from all over Australia who are interested in “fair fashion”, Fairly Fashionable? challenges designers and consumers to ask themselves the big questions – where are my clothes made, how are they made, under what conditions are they made and how does their design and manufacture impact on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of our people and our planet?

Geographik designed the logo, the complete branding of the event that includes all print and promotional materials and also the simple but elegant responsive website.